Python Backend Engineer

We are looking for a Sr. Backend Engineer to work from home. You will be joining a team of developers who are continuously working on improving and evolving
our current product and constantly thinking of new innovations and projects, within a great work environment.

Experiencia Requerida:

As a python developer you have a strong engineering background.
BS in Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent
At least 4+ years of experience in backend development on high-impact projects
Strong experience with Python: Web Frameworks like Fast API (preferred), Tornado, Django, Flask; etc.
Unit testing libraries like Pytest (preferred), PyUni; etc.
Understanding of Python key concepts like multithreading, coroutines/tasks (async,await), generators, decorators, closures, tuples, list comprehensions, data classes, fstrings; etc.
Understanding of coding best practices
Understanding of general programming/web related concepts like: OOP,
Dependency Injection, MVC, Rest, web sockets, CORS; etc
Experience with microservices, distributed systems, and CI/CD pipelines
Experience with modern database and storage (SQL, NoSQL)
Some experience with containers and related infrastructure (Docker and K8s)
Some experience with Cloud Services (AWS or GCP is preferred)
Fast-learner and team player Requirements


Building upon our existing API to support the development of new features.
Assisting with the technical specification and architecture of new features.
Participating in code reviews to ensure a smooth development pipeline.
Working closely with the Product Manager to set realistic timelines.
Helping with feature planning and exploration by providing technical input to the Product/Design teams.

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