QE Engineer

• 4 to 8 Years hands on experience.
• Expert experience and knowledge on Selenium automation/scripting with Java/Javascript.
• Excellent knowledge on retail domain and hands on experience.
• Strong in CICD experience with sufficient Jenkins knowledge.
• Excellent on building automation frameworks and enhancing it.
Proficient in:
• Selecting or identifying areas/test cases for automation.
• Designing & Implementing Test Automation Strategy.
• Creating Automation Test Plan and getting approvals.
• Choose selenium tools and configuring selenium test environment (Eclipse/IntelliJ IDE, Java, Selenium WebDriver and Testing etc.).
• Involvement in Selenium Environment Setup.
• Automation Framework Design and Implementation.
• Excellent communication skills.

Soft Skills:
Resource should have strong experience in an Agile/Scrum environment and be capable of adjusting to buisness development practices. Resource should have strong communication skills and be able to articulate issues clearly.
Ability to work on a distributed team using chat and collaboration software for primary communications.

Bachelor’s Degree in MIS, Computer Science, or related field is seen as a strong, foundational education for this kind of role but is not required if the resource has the experience and qualifications

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